Founder’s Message

I founded the firm in 1976 with just one staff member and since then we have grown keeping the values of simplicity and straight lines without fuss and frills. Form always follows function. Architecture in a given time and space is the by product or expression of cultural, vernacular, socio-economic and material agents. The architect has to take all driving forces into consideration.

(CEO) Mr. Wasif Ali Khan

About Us

Wasif Ali and Associates was founded by Architect Wasif Ali Khan in 1977, Since then the firm has built a reputation of integrity and quality in delivering high standard in Architectural and Interior Design services. With prestigious projects like the interior of the National Assembly of Pakistan under its wing the firm has developed an honorable reputation in the Country.

Although Materiality is an essential ingredient in Design, the real tools of a good design are Qualitative in Nature; Proportion, Light, Space and Quality of time are underscored in our designs as key values of any design. We understand fully that as a consultant to our client we have to safeguard the best interest of the client with full diligence and honor.